Hash Browns-crunchy and simple


Sliced with a potato peeler, these hash brown are not only easy, they are fast!


– Peel your russet potato, and continue “peeling” the rest of the potato. Easy and no special “nothing” required. Peel them any which way, some round in shape,  some narrower, it does not matter.

-Place the mound of peeled potatoes in the middle of a kitchen towel, wrap like a candy and squeeeeze out a little of the moisture from the potatoes. This trick ensures a crispier potato.



  1. You can use a non-stick pan on medium-high heat, and two tablespoons of canola oil. Resist the urge to move them, you are creating a beautiful brown crust and for that you need to leave the potatoes alone.
  2. After 7-10 minutes (depending on size pan used), you will notice browning on the bottom side.
  3. Time to flip them (like a big  hot cake) NO need to panic, all the potatoes are “glued” together because of the bottom crust, and it will be a non painful process. And if it is, it is just potatoes, pick them up and throw them back on the pan.
  4. Let that side brown to your liking. Salt & pepper to taste

You may want to eat the whole thing………….. but if you must share, cut them like a pizza. EASIER & FASTER than any other method I have tried  in 27 years of my cooking life. Promise~Even my husband (who does not cook) dazzled his family while visiting in Florida by making these amazing crunchy easy & fast hash browns for breakfast, or anytime.


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