Comforting, tender Tonkatsu/Milanesa/Schitzel you can make at home

Hands down, one of my favorites. It is popular because nothing else tastes like it.

In Japan is called Tonkatsu (made with pork), in Mexico is Milanesa (beef), and the famous German Schnitzel.



My SECRET is to use Cubed Steak, marinate it overnight with regular milk (milk will tenderize it).


Remove from milk marinade, pat dry with paper towels, pound on it with a mallet to make it thinner (less than 1/4 of an inch). Salt & Pepper to taste.


Let the breading process begin~

Flour, 2 eggs ( and 2 Tbsp. water)  beaten with a fork.


Regular bread crumbs (may use panko-Japanese bread crumbs)


1. First dredge it with flour on both sides, then, do a little patty cake alternating with your hands to remove excess flour.


2. Next, a coat of the egg mixture on both sides. Lift it and let some of the excess egg drip back in the pan.


3. After the egg mixture, coat it (both sides) with bread crumbs pressing firmly with palm of your hand. (you will need more bread crumbs than you previously anticipated, no worries, it is what makes them delicious :)


Another picture of the breaded guys, sandwiched between parchment paper, and ready to get chilled in the fridge for a couple of hrs.


4. I use canola oil (about 1/4 inch) at medium-high heat, wait until oil is hot, and do NOT crowd the pan.This way, it will brown beautiful. When golden brown, turn to other side. (couple of minutes per side).


5. After fried, place them on paper towels to soak excess oil, cover with lid to keep warm.

6. Make your people wash dishes, after all, they devoured them didn’t they?

In Japan these are served like the first picture up on top. Make Tonkatsu Sauce at home (half ketchup and half Worcestershire sauce), divine !

In Mexico they serve them with a side of French fries, and I request fresh Salsa and ketchup. Mix them both for your milanesa…………..ohhhhhhhhh

In Germany I do not remember, I think it was just some kind of potato side dish/lemon wedges.  Enjoy~:)

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