Lavender Sachet Bags


                        Fragrant lavender is calming and relaxing

Here is my home made version of easy to make lavender sachet bags.   I toss them in the drier, the smell is pure & delightful.


  • dried lavender leaves (at bulk section-herbs & spices-Sprouts, Whole Foods, Jimbo’s). I bought ~ 3 cups for less than $2 dlls.
  •  a few drier sheets to do laundry (unscented of course)


  1. Take two drier sheets, overlap them (for strength).
  2. Fold them in half (you have a rectangle).
  3. Sew two sides (the long side, and the short side) .
  4. Now you have a bag ready to fill with dried lavender
  5. close remaining opening with thread.


It’s up to you to embellish your bag beyond closing the third seam. Honestly, I only did it for the blog.




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