Kitchen Wisdom


  • Label everything and do not recycle containers with different liquids. I am an “artsy” person and love to “beautify” my surroundings. Instead of the usual liquid detergent bottle one buys at the store, I poured the Palmolive liquid detergent inside an empty wine bottle. Keep it by the sink. Nice touch~
  • I also poured vegetable oil and olive oil in wine bottles, it really looks cool. Well, one day I see my High School son making eggs for breakfast and pouring Palmolive liquid soap on the pan. I asked “what are you doing” eggs, he responded. With Palmolive? It’s oil he said.
  • Didn’t you notice the difference?  He said eggs tasted a little “funny”, well, for two consecutive days, my son, has been eating eggs with Palmolive liquid detergent, talk about a cleansing………………………


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